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Open Face Chinese Poker & Pineapple OFC

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Instructions: How to Play OFC on FTR

Click a table under Open FTR Tables below to take your seat and start playing immediately! You can also play against our OFC bots on the Glass Joe Bot and Bald Bull Bot tables. If you would like to start your own private table, click Create a New Private Table below.

Learn how to play OFC.

Open FTR Tables: Play Open Face or Pineapple OFC Now!

Table Stakes Game Type Timed Players
High Stakes 1 10 FTRP Open Face Heads Up 3m 0/2
High Stakes 2 10 FTRP Open Face Heads Up 3m 0/2
High Stakes 11 (Turbo) 10 FTRP Open Face Heads Up 2m 0/2
High Stakes 12 (Turbo) 10 FTRP Open Face Heads Up 2m 0/2
Low Stakes 1 1 FTRP Open Face Heads Up 3m 0/2
Low Stakes 2 1 FTRP Open Face Heads Up 3m 0/2
Low Stakes 11 (Turbo) 1 FTRP Open Face Heads Up 2m 0/2
Low Stakes 12 (Turbo) 1 FTRP Open Face Heads Up 2m 0/2
High Stakes 6 10 FTRP Pineapple Heads Up 3m 0/2
High Stakes 7 10 FTRP Pineapple Heads Up 3m 0/2
High Stakes 16 (Turbo) 10 FTRP Pineapple Heads Up 2m 0/2
High Stakes 17 (Turbo) 10 FTRP Pineapple Heads Up 2m 0/2
Low Stakes 6 1 FTRP Pineapple Heads Up 3m 0/2
Low Stakes 7 1 FTRP Pineapple Heads Up 3m 0/2
Low Stakes 16 (Turbo) 1 FTRP Pineapple Heads Up 2m 0/2
Low Stakes 17 (Turbo) 1 FTRP Pineapple Heads Up 2m 0/2
BaldBullBot 1 FTRP Pineapple Bot
Beginner 1 Free Open Face Heads Up 5m 0/2
Beginner 2 Free Open Face Heads Up 5m 0/2
Beginner 6 Free Pineapple Heads Up 5m 0/2
Beginner 7 Free Pineapple Heads Up 5m 2/2
Beginner 9 Free Pineapple Heads Up 5m 2/2
Beginner 12 Free Pineapple Heads Up 5m 0/2
GlassJoeBot Free Open Face Bot
GlassJoeBot Free Pineapple Bot
BaldBullBot Free Pineapple Bot

Open Face Chinese is one of the newest games that is really starting to take off. It's vastly different from other forms of poker, such as Texas Hold'em, and can be played with 2-4 players. Players set their hands and play for points - it's important to declare how much points are worth prior to starting! For example, maybe you play for $1 / point or if you're into more high stakes, something like $50 / point.

To start, deal each player 5 cards face down. These are the set cards. Players can set them in any order they like, starting to the left of the button. Once all players are set, deal each player 1 card at a time - this card can be placed anywhere on the board in order of position. Keep dealing until all players have 13 cards and their boards are completely set. But here's the kicker - each hand needs to end with 3 cards up top, 5 cards in the middle, and 5 cards on the bottom, AND the bottom 5 cards must be the strongest, middle 5 second strongest, and top 3 weakest.

To make it easier to understand, here are a couple examples:

Hand #1: Valid Hand
Hand #2: Invalid Hand/Foul

Notice how Hand #1 is setup properly, where Hand #2 misses the flush on the bottom causing a foul.

You earn points based on your hand strength compared to your opponents. Each row (back v back, middle v middle, top v top) is worth one point. If you win all three rows, this is a scoop and is worth double, for six points. You can also earn royalty points for strong hands, these are shown below:

Top: 66 (+1) - AAA (+22)
Middle: Trips (+2), Straight (+4), Flush (+8), Full House (+12), Quads (+20), Straight Flush (+30), Royal Flush (+50)
Bottom: Straight (+2), Flush (+4), Full House (+6), Quads (+10), Straight Flush (+15), Royal Flush (+25)

Bonus Question: Can you score the above hands?

Hand #2 fouls, so gets no points and loses -6. However, Hand #1 also has JJ up top which is worth +6 points. Hand #1 wins a total of 12 points.

Hand #1: +12 / Hand #2: -12

Keep a running tally or pay after each round - whichever you prefer. Just make sure to avoid fouling as often as you can and set yourself up for big hands!

Just when you think you've got a hang of it - don't forget about Fantasy Land! You enter Fantasy Land when you finish with a valid hand that has QQ or better up top. On the next deal, you will be given all 13 cards face down and can set them in any order you like. This is a huge advantage and really racks up the royalty points! So make sure to keep the top open for QQ+ whenever possible.

This is just a basic run down of how to play. For complete rules and strategy, see The Ultimate Guide to Open Face Chinese.

FTR has created a web client where you can login with your forum account, or connect with your Facebook account, and play against your friends. (Or if you prefer, start a game with one of our ever improving AIs, Glass Joe or Bald Bull.) Our beta OFC Poker client above supports PC and Mac, and should work well across all browsers. It's also mobile friendly, so you can play on your iPhone, iPad, Android, or other mobile device.

NEW! Version 8 of FTR's OFC client has been released where you can join Open FTR Tables and gamble with FTR Points! Our open tables are cash game style tables where players can sit, play, and leave as they choose. Only have time for 10 rounds during lunch? No problem, just sit down at an active table and be dealt in.

As our open tables are currently in beta, only Heads Up tables are available. However, soon we will release 3 and 4 handed open tables so you can play with more of your friends. At this time, players are limited to playing 3 tables at once.

For more details or to give feedback, see this thread in our forum.

NEW! The biggest change in the new lobby is the addition of FTR Points (FTRP). Here you can wager FTRP with other OFC players based on the table's stake. If you're at a 10 FTRP table, then each OFC point will be worth 10 FTRP. If you end up scooping your opponent for 20 points at this table, you would earn 200 FTRP, and they would lose 200 FTRP. Points are immediately transferred after each round.

FTR Points add an extra element to the game. Instead of just crushing someone, you can take their FTR bankroll as well! We will be announcing new features with points in the coming weeks, such as: leaderboards, contests, and ways to redeem your FTRP for prizes, gear, events, and more.

Only FTR members can earn and play for FTRP. Those connected via Facebook can still play in free games and are encouraged to register a free forum account.

Note: Although you can join and leave any open table as you choose, if you leave directly after someone hits Fantasy Land, you will be penalized 18 points based on the tables stake.

For full details on earning FTR points, see How to Earn FTR Points.

Out of FTR Points? We are running a promotion where you can easily reload for 1,000 FTRP, just by promoting our OFC software via your blog, website, or social media account. See this thread for full details.

To get started, you can choose a quick start by clicking "Play NOW against GlassJoeBot" and you will be instantly seated against our AI. (For a more advanced challenge, choose to play against BaldBullBot!) If you want to play with your friends, or someone from FTR, click "Start a new game with options." After creating your game, the table will show in the lobby and can be joined by pressing the yellow J button on the right hand side. You can also send your friends the table link directly for them to join.

After you join a table, whoever is left of the dealer button must act first. You will be dealt your 5 set cards.

Drag and drop your cards to the position you want to set them, and press Submit. (The submit button will not be active until it's your turn and you've set your cards properly.)

Each player will then be dealt one extra card per street, in order of position, and can be placed in any open position. (Remember, the bottom row needs to be the strongest hand, middle row second strongest, and weakest up top!)

At the end of each round, scores will be counted and shown at the left. Cumulative scores will be shown next to your player names at the top. Click the "Start round X" button to advance to the next round. (The next round will not start until all players press this button.)

If you have any questions on scoring, it's explained in detail here.

If you're playing the Open Face variation Pineapple, the game is similar except for one major difference. On each street, each player is dealt three cards, opposed to one.

Players must then decide where to place two of the cards, discarding the third. Drag two of the cards into any open position on the board, leaving the third at the bottom. Pressing submit will place your two cards, while discarding the third.

While playing, if you happen to finish the round with QQ or better up top, without fouling, you will qualify for Fantasy Land.

In the next round, you will be dealt all 13 cards at once and can choose to set them in any order. (Note: In Pineapple, Fantasy Land deals 14 cards.)

To sort your cards, press the S button to sort by Suit, or the C button to sort by Card strength. This will help you determine the best set for your Fantasy Land hand.

Drag and drop cards into the desired order and press Submit. (Note: If playing Pineapple, there will be one discard left at the bottom.) Hand strength rules still apply, so don't foul your hand!

All other players not in Fantasy Land will play their hand normally. At the end of the round, scoring is handled the same way.

If you have any questions on Fantasy Land, it's explained in detail here.

Hand Fouls: Did not follow correct hand strength, no points awarded.
Hand Scoops: Beats all other hands at showdown, +3 point bonus.
Fantasy Land: Pair or Queens+ up top, next deal will be Fantasy Land.

At the end of each round, feedback buttons will appear at the bottom of the table.

Click on them to post in our Open Face Chinese forum. This will allow our members to give you feedback on how you played your hand.

Did I set it right?: Posts just the first 5 card set of the hand.
Did I play it right?: Posts the entire hand history, along with how you played each street.
Help GlassJoe get better: This button only shows if you're playing against GlassJoe. It will post in the dedicated GlassJoe forum where we can examine his play and help improve his intelligence.

These buttons are only available to our forum users. Those who connect and play with Facebook must create a forum account to post in our forum.

Our Open Face Poker client is still in its beta phase and is being improved every day with the help from our members feedback. If you notice any bugs, or have any suggestions or feedback, please contact us or post in our OFC forum.

BaldBullBot was developed by Alex Gorbounov ( and Alexander Medvedev (

Written by

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